a- z of homemaking

OK, so now I know what I have to do when I have been tagged, so here goes…………

A is for Aprons – yes/no? If yes, what’s your favourite?
I have a red one I bought in Ikea a couple of years ago that I wear, when I remember! and I also have a joke one that hubs bought for me last Christmas. It’s a female body in stockings and suspenders etc.

B is for Baking – favourite thing to bake?
Muffins, they are so quick and easy to make. You can have them plain or put what ever you like in them. Very versatile and mini versions are great for lunch boxes

C is for Clothesline – do you have one?
Yes, in the back yard and it gets used when we don’t have rain!

D is for Donuts – have you ever made them?
Yes I made buttermilk donuts and they were yummy, the recipe made loads though so kids ended up taking them to school to share out so they’d get eaten before they went stale.

E is for Every Day – one homemaking task you do every day.
Cooking, in one form or another. Whether it’s lunches or make ahead for the next days tea, I usually have something on the go.

F is for Freezer – do you have a separate deep freeze?
Just a bog standard fridge freezer, I’d love an upright lardeer freezer but I don’t have the space :0(
G is for Garbage Disposal Unit – do you have one?
My dog Bruno!

H is for Handbook – what’s your favourite homemaking resource?
Has to be the wonderful world wide web doesn’t it?

I is for Ironing – love or hate it?
Hate it with a passion, that’s why I end up with laundry mountain!!

J is for Junk Draw – yes/no? If yes, where is it?
My whole house at present, due to redecorating!

K is for Kitchen – colour and decorating scheme?
Dream kitchen would be a farmhouse style, but in reality it’s an oak style B&Q job. I do have an island though so that’s a plus!

L is for Love – what’s your favourite part of homemaking?
MAking sure all my family are well fed on good home made nutritious food

M is for Mop – do you have one?
Of sorts, I have laminate flooring down stairs so I use a flopsy flat mop and a spray bottle rather than the more traditional type mop.

N is for Nylons – machine or hand wash?
Everything goes in the washing machine.

O is for Oven – do you use a window or open the oven door to check?
I use the window (when it’s clean enough!)

P is for Pizza – what do you put on yours?
Hawaiian pizza, mmm, I love banana on pizza, it goes well with tuna too!

Q is for quiet – what do you do during the day when you get a quiet moment?
I read a good book, not that I get much peace and quiet!!

R is for Recipe Card Box – yes/no? If yes, what does it look like?
I have an A4 size 1995 diary that holds all my recipes

S is Style of House – what style is your house?
End of terrace, 3 bed

T is for Tableclothes – do you use them?
Nope, not even at Christmas! The table is easier to wipe than having to launder a table cloth every time ther’s a spill

U is for Under The Kitchen Sink – organised or toxic wasteland?
Unorganised, but I wouldn’t say it’s a toxic wasteland either.

V is for Vacuum – how many times a week?
When the stairs and upstairs need it. Down stairs gets a swish with a dry flopsy mop as it’s easier to clean up the dog hairs.

W is for Wash – how many loads of washing do you do each week?
Averages to about 1 per day. 2 kids and a dog mean that there’s usually enough for a load a day.

X’s – Do you keep a daily list of things to do that you cross off?

Y is for Yard – who does what?
Kids do dog duty and I do the veggie growing. Hubs looks after the grass.

Zzzz’s – what’s the last homemaking task you do before bed in the evening?
Usually packed lunches for the next day

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