A soother for bites and stings

As we have really glorious weather at the moment, I thought I’d share a tip with you that I collected at at the game fair last week. A really easy remedy to help soothe bites and stings.
Firstly when you next do your grocery shopping, pick up a bottle of cider apple vinegar. Then go for a walk when you get home and find a nice patch of elderflowers. Pick a large handful of the flower heads. I chose ones that were well in flower and left any that were drooping of turning in colour.

Take the bottle of cider apple vinegar and pour a little of it out, then start to push the elderflowers into the bottle. Push in as many as you can to fill your bottle almost to the top.

When completed, screw the cap back on and leave to stand. To apply just use a small piece of cotton wool or a tissue to dab the affected area with the vinegar solution.

This will keep indefinitely as it “pickles” the elderflowers.

Busy day

It has been a productive afternoon for me, I’ve experimented and taken my home made yoghurt to the next stage and made Strawberry Frozen Yoghurt!!!!
After doing a bit of research on t’internet, I decided to use a full flask of yoghurt (400mls) To that I added one and a half cans of strawberries, drained of syrup and a dollop of honey to sweeten. The last batch of yoghurt I made was a little more tart than the first batch as I used a different brand of organic natural yog as a starter.

The ingredients were combined in a bowl and then poured into my Mum’s ice cream maker to churn and freeze. I then scooped it out into a tub to place in the freezer wher it will stay until tomorrow.

An excursion out this evening to meet a lovely lady from freecycle brought home a friend for Vera. Now I have decided to call her Mavis, don’t laugh, I haven’t lost the plot, I just thought as I’d shortened aloe vera to vera it seemed only fair to give the new plant a name too!
So here she is in her new pot beside her friend! In the process of giving the girls some new pots, I discovered that Vera was having babies!!!!!!!
I have taken those out and re-potted as well. No idea if I have completed this task in any way correctly, but I will keep an eye on the babies to see what happens. In the picture below you can just see the babies peeking out of the pots!

Now in the course of writing this blog post (It’s only taken me an hour!) I’ve had to go vacuum up my husbands mess, vacuum the rest of downstairs while the vacuum cleaner was out,make lunches, and tidy the kitchen. *phew* In fairness to hubs, he was hanging a new door for me, so it was the least I could do to clean up all the wood shavings. I’ve come to the conclusion though, I need to vac pac my family and dog, particularly the dog, then perhaps I wouldn’t have so much grot to clean up

Anyone know where I can buy an industrial sized vac pac machine on the cheap????????????????

Hello Vera!

Say hello to the latest addition to my home. This is Vera and she’s an Aloe Vera plant. I received her via a very kind person on freecycle. I’m hoping that as she grows she will be a very useful addition to my family!

the same lady also gave me a cacti and 2 succulents, so I will be off to do some research on those to see how to look after them.

Garden Update

This is how the bottom end of the garden looks now that we have finally completed the greenhouse and created a path for ease of access. Quite a few bags of stones later and we are all done. There is another little bit of stoned path to the left of the greenhouse that you can’t see in the picture. I’m using that part to set my fig tree on once it’s in its pot and also to set pots of mixed leaves on.
Inside the greenhouse we have at the top left of the picture, cucumber plant and pots of herbs to the front of that. On the right side we have 2 white buckets with mixed leaves just beginning to sprout, more herbs and you can just see the edge of my strawberry pot.
This lovely terracotta pot was given to me by my Mum. (thanks Mum!) I haven’t yet decided if I’m going to use it for strawberries or if I’m going to turn it into a herb planter. It might actually be a little on the small side to use as a herb planter. Hmmm, decisions decisions!!

Outside in the garden this weekend I have also got some planting done. So far in the ground we have potatoes, spring onions, asparagus, onion sets and carrots. As yet the carrots and peas I planted in pots have yet to germinate. I might try soaking the peas for a few days to see if that helps the germination process? Pepper plants and aubergines have germinated and will be planted out as soon as the weather allows. Leeks are coming along nicely too. Other seeds planted this weekend are butternut squash and little sprog planted a pumpkin!

Tomato plants are coming along nicely at my Dads house and I think those will be ready to go in the greenhouse around the end of May. Dad is also starting off some sweetcorn for me to try in the greenhouse.

Last to go in the garden is a raspberry cane, currently residing in a pot, a blackcurrant bush in a pot at my Mums house and my fig tree which will be re-potted.