It’s all growing in the garden!

The weather here has been pretty dismal for the past few days and so I haven’t been able to get much done in the garden.

I have been out though keeping an eye on the progress of my plants and it appears that things are starting to grow!

This is my raspberry cane which currently is residing in a pot. As you can see we have small flower formations, so hopefully we will have some fruit this year. Also on the same cane, we have a new cane appearing, I’ll let this continue to come up and then split it off for a new plant next season.

The alpine strawberries, which we grew from seed last year are also forming flowers. We did manage one single strawberry last year in November of all times! Fingers crossed for a good crop this year. I will then allow the plant to put out runners next year. This will in turn lead to new strawberry plants.

Finally we have peas making an appearance. We lost the first batch that we planted. The seeds rotted away for some reason and the few that remained were in the rotting stage. I’ll start another batch of peas off in the next week or so. This will ensure a continuous crop. Last year we ended up with a glut, so I’m trying not to let that happen this year!

This has to be the best result for me so far………….. butternut squash! I saved the seeds from a squash we bought in the supermarket last year. I just scooped them out and washed off the flesh, then allowed them to dry out on a piece of kitchen paper. When dry I popped the seeds in a bag and stored them in the freezer. (It will be an added bonus if we actually get some fruit from these plants.)I save all my seed this way, it stops germination and allows the seed to get all warm and cosy when you plant them in the new season, thus encouraging them to sprout.

Also in residence in the greenhouse are tomatoes, a melon plant, a cucumber plant, assorted herbs, a courgette plant and later on in the season we will be trying some sweetcorn. Dad is starting this off for me in his heated propagator so that by the time we are ready for it, we have hopefully got warmer weather.

In the garden patch, the potatoes are up and will need earthed up this weekend, carrots have finally started to show and my onion sets are sprouting well. The experimental asparagus doesn’t seem to be doing anything so far. I’m a novice on this front and the crowns weren’t in any way expensive. So if the crowns don’t produce anything, it hasn’t been a big loss.

I decided this year not to grow any brassicas. The butterflies got to them last year and all the plants ended up looking like net curtains. I felt for the effort I had put into them, I didn’t get much in return so I’ll have to stick to buying those from the greengrocers.