How happy am I?

Well I’m a very happy bunny tonight. I found something today that¬† really really like and I haven’t been able to buy it for ages…….

Clamato Juice!!! I love this stuff and I can buy it here in Northern Ireland on rare occasions. I was so happy to see these 900ml containers I bought 2 of them. Even though they did cost me a hefty ¬£6 each (ouch! W & S if you read this that’s $19 Cdn Eeek!!!!)

Good job I can’t get it all the time or I would be broke by now!

Iced tea – Take two

I had another stab at making home made iced tea last night. I’ve tasted the results today after getting in nicely chilled in the fridge for 24 hours and I must say I’m rather pleased with the result.

I used a 2 litre lock and lock jug to make it in, so you may need to adjust quantities if your jug is larger or smaller.

4 earl grey tea bags
1.5 litres boiling water
1 lemon
sugar to taste

Place 4 earl grey tea bags into your jug.
Pour on 1.5 litres of boiling water.
At this stage, add sugar to taste. (I added 8 teaspoons to the mix, but having tasted it tonight I need to add a little more as it’s just not quite sweet enough.)
Allow tea to stand for a minimum of 30 minutes and then remove the teabags from your jug.
Drop in 1 lemon which has been cut into slices then make up the jug to the 2 litre mark with cold water.
When cold, place in fridge and allow to chill completely.

Lastly, pour yourself a glass and enjoy!!

Home made iced tea

I was experimenting the other day and tried a home made version of iced tea. My kids are big fans of the Lipton Iced tea that you can buy in bags from the asian foodstore. I like this one I made as I find it very refreshing, the kids aren’t so sure though, probably because it’s not as sweet as the powdered version. Here’s the recipe I made anyway if you’d like to try it.

I used the following…….

4 lemongrass and eucalyptus tea bags
2 litres of boiling water
1 unwaxed lemon

Simply put the 4 the bags in a jug, pour over boiling water and leave to infuse.
When cooled cut the lemon in half and drop into the jug.

My version has been in the fridge for 2 days with the tea bags still in and tastes good. If you like after the flavours have infused, remove the tea bags and the lemon.
It has a slightly tart taste so you could try adding some sugar or sweetener while still hot so that it dissolves as it cools.

I intend to experiment with other recipes to see if I can get any home made versions to taste like the powdered version! I’ll use this recipe as a base to start with and take it from there :0)

Vodka Skittles

I thought I’d add a fun little shot for you to try. I discovered this quite a while ago and although it is very yummy, it’s also quite potent!

Vodka Skittles

1 70cl bottle of vodka (doesn’t need to be a premium brand but 40% proof works best)
1 family sized bag of skittles (or more if you want to make single colours of vodka)

To make a murky coloured vodka (tastes fine BTW!!) remove approx 30 – 50 ml of vodka from the bottle.
Pour in family bag of skittles
Reseal bottle and shake every day
Leave until skittles have dissolved completely, usually takes a week or so
Strain through a coffee filter or muslin to remove the leftover sugar coating residue
Reseal the bottle and chill for at least 24 hours before serving in small shot glasses.

To make single colours of vodka, depending on your favourite flavour, as above but use approx 30 – 40 skittles of your chosen colour.

You can also speed up the process by placing the bottle of vodka ion the dishwasher!! This helps the skittles to dissolve faster.

Remember – Drink responsibly and enjoy!