It’s not knit one purl one. It’s something else…..

I spent the day with my Mum and my Granny.
Granny was away looking out bits and bobs of wool for me to practice crochet with, Mum was giving instruction and critique (even though she can’t crochet!)
So I progressed with my tongue stuck out the side of my mouth as a five year old would, while deep in concentration.
I managed to progress from the 3 metre length of chain stitch I made last night to a lopsided blue square thing.

You don’t believe me? You want picture proof? I can do that……. not very well as its a snap on my phone, but proof none the less.

The ends are tucked in to hide the fact it’s decreasing for some bloody unbeknown reason I can’t figure out. I haven’t missed picking up any chains (I think) and it goes in evenly decreasing on both sides. Go figure.

Anyway, I don’t care. I can now say I can crochet, badly. In dishcloth cotton. Wool is just too fiddly yet, I tried. There was nearly murder by crochet hook.And this is supposed to be me trying relaxing things to help with my anxiety and stress relief? Good grief!!!

More upcycling!

I’ve been creating again. This weekend I was sorting through my stash of fabrics and I realised that I had loads of denim scraps left. So, I started randomly sewing the denim pieces together. I made a rough sheet of denim squares which I then trimmed up to make it straight. After this I sewed up the sides and made a lining for the bag from another fabric in my collection.

To make the strap for my bag, I re-used a fabric belt from a pair of combat trousers which have long since gone to the charity shop.

Add some iron on patches I found in my button barrel and a bit of velcro for fastening the top closed and voila! Here we have the finished project.

I didn’t add a stiffener for the bottom of the bag as I prefer a soft bag. (I didn’t have any to hand anyhoo!)

Not including the time it took to sew the denim together, the bag only took half an hour to make.

I’m really liking this bag and so I think I’ll keep it, it was after all an experiment. But in the same vein, I think I’ll be progressing down the route of giving old denim items a new lease of life!

Fruits of my labours!!!

I’m really starting to see the rewards of my hard work in the garden and greenhouse this year.

I’ve posted some pictures up so you can see what’s going on so far!

My first tomatoes staring to form on the plants. They might be small so far, but I’m hoping that they will be really flavoursome tomatoes later in the season.
Alpine strawberries, these were grown from seed last year and overwintered in the greenhouse. They are small but have so much flavour. I’m hoping to get runners from them for new plants next season.

3 cucumbers forming on the greenhouse plant. I lost one cucumber earlier this year. It went all squashy at one end so I thought it best to remove it to prevent damage to the plant. It seems to have worked ok with no ill effects.
Plenty of pea pods forming on the garden plants. I’ve sown these in succession this year so hopefully I’ll have a continuous supply rather than a glut.My first ever raspberry! There are plenty of berries forming on the cane but this one for some reason is ripening quicker than the rest. I’ll have to dig out my netting to prevent the birds from snacking on them before I do. I also have a new cane coming up on this plant, so I’ll split that off next year.

Also on my agenda today, I’ve strained off the elderflower concoction into demi-johns to ferment out. I’ve also just bottled one without any added yeast to see what it does. It will be an interesting experiment. If it ends up undrinkable, I’m sure my composter will enjoy it!

Next on my to do list this evening is to haul out my material stash and get cracking on some bags, now that I have my gorgeous labels to sew into them. I really could do with gardening too this evening but I don’t think there’s going to be enough hours today :0)

Bag order and a dilemma!

I recently started a computer class to upgrade my qualifications. In the class last week one of the ladies was admiring my tote bag. She asked where I had bought it and when I replied that I’d made it myself, she asked if I’d make her one too and that she’d pay me for it. Now I have loads of fabric in the house from making the bags for myself, but my problem is I don’t know what to charge for making it?

How do you work out what to charge when you’re selling handmade items?

Someone help please, I need an answer by tomorrow evening!!