Long time no bento!

It’s been such a long time since I wrote a blog post, I’m almost out of practice!
Anyhow for Shizuoka gourmet , here’s my attempt at omurice for my bento at work tomorrow.
Omurice is filled with rice and green onion, mixed salad on side, peppery watercress and cocktail beetroot.

A small pot of fat-free French dressing completes the box. I will pack some fruit and a bottle of water to fill out my lunch.

Picky picky picky

Small children, I couldn’t eat a whole one, but there are times when I’d give it a bloomin good try!

Picture this….. I stand at night and lovingly prepare lunch for small sprog. I pack items which she likes, so therefore you’d think that this would increase the chances of her eating pretty much most of her lunch right? Wrong.

Half of her lunch for Friday didn’t even make it out the door to school. I had packed a couple of the party sized sausage rolls in her bento box, (you know the ones, you buy a big bag of frozen bite sized ones at Christmas and by July you still have most of the packet lurking at the back of the freezer) well anyway, for what ever reason yesterday morning, she decided to inspect her lunch before she left to go to school. She then decided that the sausage rolls were hard and that she wasn’t going to have them for lunch and promptly threw them in the bin. Now I had the same rolls in my lunch too and they were ok, I think it was a case of them just coming out of the fridge as I had cooked them the night before.

So I discover the discarded lunch parts in the bin when I get home from work and I see red. Is it too much to ask that sprog just takes lunch to school, eats what she wants and then brings the remainder home? Or is this a new idea that kids critique the packed lunch before school so they can make it more pleasing to their peers??

Either way I’m hopping mad at the waste of food, I wouldn’t have cared if she’d fed them to the dog if she didn’t want them. I think I’m just terrified we’re slipping back to the “hiding lunch under the bed until it’s green” phase or am I just being really over sensitive??

OK, rant over, I’ve gotten it all off my chest now. How do you cope with kids and attitudes to packed lunches?

New to me???

Following Jenn over at Not Exactly Bento has given me some ideas to try. One of these is “new to me”
This is basically where you try things you’ve never tried before.

So last week I bought a bag of 6 avocado. They weren’t ripe then, now they are and I’m clueless!

Anyone got any ideas as to what I can do with 6 ripe avocado pears in the next few days???

Help please!!!

Back on the bento wagon!

I need to get my butt in gear and focus back to my bento lunches. I have slipped badly over the last lot of weeks and have been grazing on junk :0(

I’m off grocery shopping tomorrow and aim to stock up on tasty and healthy foods for my bento. Variety and ease of eating is key in my lunch as I usually don’t have a lot of time to spare. Mostly I graze through the day to be honest!

Rice balls (onigiri) will be back on my lunch menu as I find them filling, more so than a sandwich. I have some furikake (rice seasoning) in my cupboard which will spice these little boyos up nicely!

Raw veggies don’t appeal to me much, so I think I need to find ways to incorporate that in my daily diet. All good in helping toward my recommended 5 a day :0)

Wish me luck!

I’m a winner!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today I found out that I won a prize, woohoo!!

I won second place in a draw over on Adventures in Bentomaking

My prize is 20 packets of furikake, which is seasoning for rice balls. I can hardly wait, I’m so excited :0)

My entry was the picture is used on my blog on 25th February.

Many thanks to Pikko for holding the draw !

Envy follow up

I managed after a search and a half to get my mitts on one of the fantastic lock and lock lunch sets! I’m so chuffed, it arrived last week to squeals of delight from me and much eye rolling from my husband :0)

It’s a perfect size to help me portion control my lunch, combine that with the lock and lock technology and it doesn’t leak or drip. If you place the bottle in the fridge overnight, it helps keep your lunch cool in the nifty insulated bag. Another purchase was small gel ice packs to help keep my lunch extra cool when the weather starts to get warmer.

Now for the down side……….. I had to get it shipped from Australia, grrrrr!!!!!!


The one item I’d really like to get my hands on……….is this fantastic Lock & Lock lunch set:

I have lunch box envy, I really really would like to get one. Can I get one in the UK? Nope, nada, not possible.


I guess I’ll just have to keep looking and dreaming won’t I?

In the meantime I will just keep packing my lunch in the bento box I already have, now don’t get me wrong, I love it. But this one I just thought ” I have to have it!”

If anyone spots one of these available to buy in the UK, give me a nudge will you please??