Yoghurt Jelly


one tub of yoghurt

1 jelly

Choose flavours that will mix well together, you don’t want a contrast and end up with a nasty jelly :-(

(seriously, that’s all the ingredients!)

Make jelly according to packet instructions.

Place jelly in a large dish, you will need room for the jelly to expand and froth later during whipping.

Place jelly in fridge.

Check jelly every 15 minutes.

When jelly shows signs of starting to set, use a hand mixer to whisk in tub of yoghurt. Whisk until jelly it turns frothy and doubles in  volume.

Place jelly back in fridge and allow to set completely.

For a low fat version of this, use a sugar free jelly and natural yogurt.

For a more indulgent version try substituting yoghurt for evaporated milk (that’s the runny one!)

If you want to be more creative, you could try making broken glass jellies as shown in this blog!!

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