Boerne Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling

bathroom remodeling san antonioBallroom Baths located in Boerne, TX is a proud bathroom and kitchen remodeler. Ballroom Baths not only serves Boerne but also the Greater San Antonio area. Kitchen remodeling is the number one project in the country and certainly has been huge in South Texas. With an average return of 90%, homeowners know that any money put into remodeling their kitchen will almost certainly not be wasted. The largest percentage of money is spent on kitchen cabinets with an average cost of just under $20,000 for most kitchen however, sky is the limit when purchasing cabinets so decide on what aspects are important to you. The type of wood (or material), finish, and type of hardware all play a role in the final cost of kitchen cabinets. Kitchen remodeling in San Antonio and Boerne is a booming business and the amount of qualified contractors is limited.

Bathroom remodeling is the second most common remodeling project which also carries a large percentage of return on investment. Most homeowners can expect nearly a 88% ROI for remodeling their master bathrooms or guest baths. Plumbing fixtures and tile usually eat up most budgets in a San Antonio bathroom remodeling project. Homeowners should compare different plumbing fixtures to make sure they are getting the best price possible. Also finding a quality tile supplier is important to make sure the tile being installed is of the highest quality.

Ballroom Baths


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Dropping Inches and FAT in San Antonio

Brownies2Simply Slender has been the secret of many men and women in the San Antonio area the past few years. Within the clinic, Simply Slender has multiple i-Lipo machines that are magic fat busting robots – ok not really but they do use lasers to help removed unwanted fat and inches from their clients. People looking for San Antonio Liposuction now have a fantastic safe and noninvasive option.

Not only that, i-Lipo is extremely affordable compared to many cosmetic surgery options. Typically a session of i-Lipo at Simply Slender will expel 600-700 calories of stored fat from a concentrated area of the body. Whether your problem area is around the stomach, legs, arms, back, or neck – i-Lipo is a perfect way to target these hard to burn fat areas. i-Lipo can be used on any area of the body except female breast tissue. i-Lipo is also much safer than coolsculpting San Antonio and sono bello San Antonio because it doesn’t destroy the fat cell which is much harder on the organs particularly the kidneys.  i-Lipo just purges the fat from the cell the same way as if you were to naturally burn the fat. Call their office which is located in Stone Oak for a free consultation.

Simply Slender

18730 Stone Oak Parkway Suite 106, San Antonio, TX 78258


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Blue Diamond Med Spa is Growing Stronger in SA

bluediamondBlue Diamond Med Spa quickly made a name for itself as the leading provider of laser hair removal, testosterone therapy, botox, and weight loss in San Antonio. Blue Diamond Med Spa is helping residents of San Antonio slow the aging process with these fantastic cosmetic services. Located in Stone Oak, they offer professional San Antonio Laser Hair Removal at affordable monthly membership pricing. With summer time hitting, now is the perfect time to have all that unwanted hair removed so that you can look your best at the swimming pool, lake, or beach. Call Blue Diamond Med Spa to find out more about their membership pricing.

Testosterone replacement therapy is an effective way to lose weight, add muscle, and increase sexual libido for men with low levels. Testosterone levels typically drop naturally in men in their mid-30s and continues the descent as they age. Blue Diamond Med Spa can provide testosterone replacement that allows men to get back their testosterone levels of their youth. Blue Diamond Med Spa can test your current testosterone levels to see if supplementation is needed.


Blue Diamond Med Spa

104 Gallery Circle, San Antonio, TX 78258


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Stratton Sport & Spine CRACKING Competition

Chiropractor in San AntonioStratton Sport & Spine is cracking competition from other San Antonio chiropractor with an innovative addition to their approach on the chiropractic clinic. Dr. Stratton’s clinic specializes in helping athletes, both professional and average joes, recovery quicker from injuries so they can train harder and perform better. Typically chiropractors focus on the alignment of the spine along with joint manipulation, Stratton Sport & Spine understands the importance of soft tissue management and its effects on the skeletal system. By concentrating on both systems, they are able to offer their athlete patients a complete care experience.

Stratton Sport & Spine athletes range from marathon runners to CrossFit champions to MMA fighters. All these sports take their damage toll on the human body and Dr. Stratton is all about trying to keep these athletes in the game.

Their chiropractic clinic is located in the Stone Oak area of San Antonio. Most Stone Oak chiropractor do not specialize in sports recovery which is odd due to Stone Oak having the largest population of athletes in San Antonio. Chiropractic patients can use the NormaTec or the Whole Body Cryotherapy chamber to expedite recovery after an intense training session or event.

Stratton Sport & Spine

300 E Sonterra Ste #410, San Antonio, TX 78258


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Fresh Kitchens with Fresh Designs

KM Builders Kitchen RemodelingKM BUILDERS is offering its clients a fresh approach to San Antonio kitchen remodeling by focusing on the kitchen design process more intently than any remodeler in the San Antonio and Austin area. Over the past few years KM has been improving their design team to include not only interior designers but category specific ones like a Certified Kitchen Designer, Cabinet Designer, Tile Layout Designer, and an Architect for structural designs. This approach is so wildly different than San Antonio homeowners are used to from the area remodelers and builders. For many years, San Antonio has really back-burnered design in the remodeling process.

Most kitchen remodeling companies in San Antonio are construction minded establishments and only offer design as an add-on. This is essentially baking a cake without a recipe – while a cake might still taste ok sans a recipe, it is indisputable that with proper planning and a recipe it would come out better and in less time. KM BUILDERS is committed to being design first remodeling company insuring that their kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling projects are done better, faster, and with less headaches than San Antonio’s usual method of operation for construction.

KM Builders

7915 Mainland Drive, San Antonio, TX 78250



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Dentist in San Antonio is shining BRIGHT

Dentist office in San AntonioDominion Dental Spa has been the top growing dental practice in San Antonio, TX for two years in a row. With multiple dentists on staff, Dominion Dental Spa can offer quick and affordable basic dental services along with cosmetic dentistry services such as Invisalign, Opalescence teeth whitening, and in-office teeth whitening. San Antonio dentist like Dr. Stratton are proud to offer amazing cosmetic dentistry options to their patients. While the importance of basic dental health will always remain the top priority of dentists in San Antonio, teeth whitening and Invisalign are starting to become extremely important to dental patients in the pursuit of a straight and white smile.

Dominion Dental Spa often has teeth whitening specials on their facebook page with outstanding deals for new and existing patients. Patients can typically expect a 1-3 shade difference on their first teeth whitening session at the dental spa. Most patients will need to have 2 to 3 teeth whitening sessions to get the brilliant smile they are after; results of the sessions do depend on factors such as starting shade, age of patient, and diet of patient. Dentist offering San Antonio teeth whitening like Dominion Dental Spa are plentiful but the spa has unique features such as massage chairs with heat, along with Netflix to pass the time in the dental chair quickly. Check out Dominion Dental Spa when you are considering improving your dental health and smile.

Dominion Dental Spa

4 Dominion Dr Bldg 5 Ste 250, San Antonio, TX 78257


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